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i like that we say “oh, man” to express disappointment

because men are disappointing

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"I’m not sure which is worse: intense feeling, or the absence of it."
Margaret Atwood (via hefuckin)

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Wow I really have no one to talk to about this

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"Star gazing is one of the most profoundly human things one can do. But perhaps we must more frequently tear ourselves away from the mystery and beauty of the starry heavens above, and rather inspect, admire and foster the moral law within."

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Have you ever felt your heart physically ache it is honestly the weirdest and most discomforting feeling ever

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don’t you hate it when you offer help and the other person says yes

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"I want to be with someone who, 10 years from now, makes my heart jump when I hear her key in the door."
"I Can’t Think Straight" (2008)

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